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From Know How to: Know Why!

Chat zum Thema Vision  | English Language


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Chat zum Thema Vision | English Language

Andreas Dittrich

Basel, Switzerland, Restaurant Mitte (A place I truly love)

I recently had a conversation with a person that I never met before. A LinkedIn contact recommended that we should meet. And we did. The conversation inspired me to write this post. 

During the conversation we touched the topic of the personal vision. I asked her if she knows her true purpose in life. She said of course! I am good at a, b, c and also d.... Unfortunately none of the descriptions were related to what I would call a true purpose or vision.

We spend quite some time to discuss each others view and after a while she said: True - these are "only" goals - I have no clue why I am here on earth and what my purpose is. Actually I am a bit lost.

Now you might ask yourself - ok - how can one see/feel that - or "know" that I found my vision, know what is important for me. The answer is simple: A true purpose of a person is something that other people around  will:

  • see - in their eyes

  • hear - the passion when they talk about "THEIR" topic

  • feel - the energy around them suddenly changes

After I explained her my view - the ultimate question was asked: She asked: How do you find your true purpose then? 

You might have asked that yourself too in the past, as I did. There is a nice buddhist teaching that says: 

The most important task in your life is: to find the most important task in your life!

If you start to find out - here are some recommendations:

 1. Be truely willing to find your true purpose in life

The immediate response of you might be: Of course I want to find that! Why wouldn't I want to find my true me? The answer is pretty simple: Cause it might require some changes that you are not yet prepard to take. Once you find your true purpose it will never let you off the hook. 

Before I start to coach / work with people that is one of the key elements to check: Are they ready? 

2. Give yourself some time.  

I had Vision Finder Journeys with humans that where we were able to find the vision/purpose in just 3 days . 

My personal search took quite some time (3 years) and then it took some time to do the necessary changes in life to be able to live my passion / vision / purpose. I tried many ways, and carefully seleceted with whom I worked.  Based on my own experience and the curiosity for effectiveness I designed this journey.

3. Work with a professional 

Find a person that you can trust, where you can be truely open. You might go into areas that are not real comfortable for your ego.

How and where do you find them?  That is quite difficult. You might want to check these things:

  •  Ability to work transpersonal

  •  Meditation Experience?

  • Strong Body and Mind connection ( Otherwise the coach will just move your "furniture" from one room into another one. Without the body no real change is possible) 

  • Truely knows his/her purpose in life

  • Read their blog / website to get to know the person

  • Experience ( As I mentioned it took me 3 years to find mine. The advantage is, I learned a lot of ways how to approach that topic. And each human is unique. That requires flexibility.

4. Ask the coach how much time is needed 

I think it is very imporant to work with a coach that is NOT depended on you! What do I mean by that? Coaching is a business. If the coach needs clients, he will influence you to come back asap to work on the next "thing" . Find someone that is truely interested in your growth. 

5. How much money is needed? 

I cannot really talk about other coaches. My experience shows, that it takes on average one 3 day journey.

6. Will I stop making mistakes? 

That is a difficult one. Let me share my experience: 

It took me quite a while to tune into my purpose / vision and to really have the will to live that life. It required in my case a lot of changes. You dive into uncertainty and this needs a lot of faith / trust needed. So I guess the answer is yes - but you know why. And over time there are less mistakes - wrong directions.


It is difficult to describe the feeling once you found it. I will try anyway: 

The vision / purpose / passion acts as a North Star. Whenever you face a decision - job change, partnership - basicly anything that really matters - you allow yourself some reflection time. You take a piece of paper and do some matching. The clarity that you will see is amazing. 

After some years - no more paper is needed. You will immediately feel if something is in line or not.  


I am happy to help you on your journey. Don't be shy.