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From Know How to: Know Why!

Female | Independent | Mentally Strong

10+1 Stories

I ask random people around the globe 10+1 questions. Not all of the interviews will make it to this page (unfortunately). The one THAT make it - truly inspiring people. 


Female | Independent | Mentally Strong

Andreas Dittrich


Female - Independent - Mentally strong






1. How would you design your life if there were no limits?

First i would try everything - then I will decide what i like then I balance

2. Who are you when nobody is watching?

I am quite. I do things calmly. I use bedtime to sort thing that are messy.

3. How do you want to be remembered - if it‘s time to leave the earth?

I like to be one that brings out the best in people. Support people.

4. What  happens when you die?
I don‘t care about that. It just silence - something everyone wants. Peace.

5. What is your vision in life?

For now: Strong women who does everything by her own. Independent.

6. What quality in other humans do you admire?

Honesty. Kindness. Time they make available for others.

7. What inspires you?

Whichever energizes me. Excitement.

8. What do you „search“ if....

Balance for everything.

9. What is the most important “ single thing” u learned in your life?

Life for the moment.

10. Do you practice any spiritual exercise?
I follow Hindu - I go to temple ( for my parents)

+1. What question have you never been asked? And what is the answer?

Is this what you needed.