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From Know How to: Know Why!

Bear Keeper | Man of Music and Sound | Peculiar

10+1 Stories

I ask random people around the globe 10+1 questions. Not all of the interviews will make it to this page (unfortunately). The one THAT make it - truly inspiring people. 


Bear Keeper | Man of Music and Sound | Peculiar

Andreas Dittrich

Man, Married, lives in Berlin, born in Germany, worked in many countries with NGO's

1. How would you design your life if there were no limits?

Plenty of traveling involved. Meeting people from various indigineous cultures. Sharing knowledge and music.

2. Who are you when nobody is watching?

It's me and I turn into various creatures. Some beauty - some ugly. Some happy some sad. Very colourful.

3. How do you want to be remembered - if it‘s time to leave the earth?

I want people to be happy that I was there.

4. What  happens when you die?

I do not die. I leave this material form. I pass on.

5. What is your vision in life?

Musical Sound. Colors in Motion. Freeflowing Spirit.

6. What quality in other humans do you admire?

Compassion. Honesty. Warmth of Heart.

7. What inspires you?

My spiritual teachers. My wife. Trees. My bears. All celestial being that get in contact with me.

8. What do you „search“ if....

Peace of mind. Warmth. Happiness. The Heavens.

9. What is the most important “ single thing” u learned in your life?

Be yourself.

10. Do you practice any spiritual exercise?

Yes. Shamanism. Böen Meditation. Christ Meditation

+1. What question have you never been asked? And what is the answer?

Apart from this question - Why are you so beautiful. The answer is: I don't know.