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From Know How to: Know Why!

10+1 Stories

I ask random people around the globe 10+1 questions. Not all of the interviews will make it to this page (unfortunately). The one THAT make it - truly inspiring people. 


Silent | Caring | Female.

Andreas Dittrich

When I got the answer to question 10+1, I was really surprised. The person is a long time friend of mine - and I was nearly sure I asked the question before. She replied: No, you ask different. It teached me a lesson today: Ask simple essential questions! Thanks for the teaching.

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Jazz singer songwriter [1017]

Andreas Dittrich

That time literally flew. I have no name - but that is not important. Whoever you are dear singer 1017. I enjoyed our deep talk about life, the spiritual exchange and the kindness. Thank you. Safe travels wherever the wind will take you!

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